Posted on Dec 13, 2018

David G Sayles Insurance Services

Many business owners hope that they won’t come to the point where their commercial insurance is necessary, but you never know when an emergency will strike. In the event that something happens, you’ll have something to fall back on, that’s when you file a claim. If it’s your first time filing a claim, then this blog is for you.

Your insurance is meant to be there when times get tough. Plenty of situations can set back a business, some of those including an electrical fire, a burglary, if a customer is injured on the premises, and weather catastrophes (hurricanes, wildfire, flood, or other catastrophe). As long as you have proper coverage and maybe even additional coverage, then filing a claim for your business won’t be such a nightmare. You’ll be able to move on from these events and subsequently keep your business up and running. Below are the steps you should follow in order to get things a little bit closer back to normal.

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