How Nonprofits Can Prevent Theft, Fraud, and Other Crime | The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) Report to the Nations found that while only 2.4 percent of fraud found in 2016 was attributed to religious, charitable, and social services organizations, the median fraud loss for thes...

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How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer (Without Wasting Money and Energy) | The average temperature for Summer 2019 could be hotter than historical records in both the coasts and the central United States. This means that you are going to be cranking your air conditioning and fans on full blast a...

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Best Practices for Manufacturers to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Accidents | Working in the manufacturing business means being part of one of the largest industries in the United States. Manufacturers also employ a considerable percentage of America’s workforce. Because of the prevalence and gro...

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How Employee Misclassification Can Be Dangerous for Nonprofit Organizations | Everyone knows the difference between a full-time worker with benefits and some who is an independent contractor. However, these two things often get mixed up during the classification process, causing trouble and hassl...

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The Best Strategies for Effective Nonprofit Governance | Without good governance, everything would go into complete chaos, and nonprofit organizations are no different. From coordinating volunteers and full-time employees to working with the finances and the charitable cause, there is no shortage...

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Motorcycle Insurance is just one of the things that should be on your checklist before starting your spring riding. Every season your bike should get a rundown just to make sure everything is good to go before embarking on a long ride.

Think about it: if your bike has been sitting in the garage ...

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The Port of New York and New Jersey is not only the third-largest seaport in North America, but it’s also home to the largest maritime center on the East Coast. Due to the expansion of the Panama Canal in order to undertake more activity through larger container vessels such as the Panamax vessel...

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Without volunteers, nonprofits wouldn’t be able to do most of the things that they set out to do. From 2003 to 2005, almost a third of Americans were actively volunteering, according to the National Council of Nonprofits. Today, there are far less.

However, people still love to give their time t...

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When talking about conflicts of interest on a nonprofit board, it’s not just about discussing differing opinions. It’s about finances. In fact, the Internal Service Revenue (IRS) has become increasingly alert with incidents regarding conflict of interest.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy t...

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Insurance Services

  • Auto & Collector Car Insurance

    As an independent insurance agency serving the Glen Rock area and surrounding communities, David G. Sayles Insurance Services provides individuals with auto insurance designed to give you the peace of mind you are looking for when on the road. Our policies are tailored to your needs reflecting the limits of liability required to safeguard your assets in the event of an accident where injuries occur and to step in when there’s damage to your vehicle. We work with leading national and regional companies to find the right policy at the right price for you. If you have a family with teenage drivers, we can also secure the insurance you need. We’ll negotiate on your behalf with our carrier partners and present you which choice. You see, that’s the beauty of doing business with us. You get to choose what makes sense for you after we do all the legwork.
  • Home Insurance Solutions

    Home sweet home rings true for all of us – whether we live in a house by the shore, a condo in Ridgewood or rent an apartment in Glen Rock. This is where we nest, build memories and share our experiences with loved ones. What’s important to all of us is protecting what we have built, including our investment and assets in the event of an unforeseen loss. David G. Sayles Insurance Services is committed to helping you do just that.As an integral part of the community, we know the area real well, and are dedicated to providing the right policy for the right price to the homeowners and renters we serve. Our staff will review your specific needs and then go to market to secure a competitively priced policy that will address the potential risks you face as a homeowner, condo owner or renter.
  • Personal Umbrella Policy

    Having the right insurance policies in place – from auto and home insurance to motorcycle and boat insurance – is critical when relying on coverage when an accident or injury occurs. Not only do you want the proper insurance, but you also want to make sure you have the right amount of liability limits you need to remain financially sound. Reviewing the amount of coverage you have is part of what we do at David G. Sayles Insurance Services. Explaining how you can enhance that coverage is also an important part of our agency’s responsibility to you.You see, most standard liability policies, such as on your auto and homeowners insurance, will provide limits up to a certain amount. This generally is enough. But what happens if you’re involved in a catastrophic car accident where there are serious injuries? Or if a person suffers a serious injury after falling in your home?
  • Flood & Earthquake Insurance

    Super Storm Sandy was a wake-up call for many up and down the East Coast, especially in the Garden State where so many residents experienced tremendous losses as a result of flood damage. It’s events like these that make us stop and think if we are properly protected. But flooding doesn’t occur only after a hurricane or in flood-zoned areas. Flooding can also happen as a result of torrential rains that overwhelm a drainage system, as well as from sewer/drain backup.At David G. Sayles Insurance Services, we fully understand how devastating a flood loss can be for a homeowner – and how things are made even worse if the right coverage is not in place. That’s why it’s so important to discuss the need for flood insurance. Remember, a homeowners policy does not provide coverage in the event of damage due to a flood.Our professional staff is available to discuss this much-needed insurance coverage with you and explain how it works.
  • Toy Insurance

    Whether you take to the open road on your Harley, jump on your dirt bike early on Saturday mornings, or spend the weekends with the family at the shore, behind the fun should be sound insurance protection to weather any unexpected incidents or accidents. David G. Sayles Insurance Services, an independent insurance agency in Glen Rock, is here to provide you with that protection. We represent leading insurers to secure affordable, broad coverage for your motorcycle, ATV or boat.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)

    For small to midsize businesses in specific industries, we offer a Business Owners Policy (BOP) designed to combine essential coverages, such as property and liability, together. This offers you convenient and customizable coverage options for your small business at a premium lower than the cost of purchasing each type of insurance separately. With a BOP, we provide coverage on your building, coverage for the contents of the building, and general liability protection. Depending on your individual business and your industry, we can also add protection for equipment breakdown, crime, income loss, products and completed operations claims, and much more.
  • Commercial Package Policy (CPP)

    Commercial Package Policies are available to mid-sized businesses in certain industries, bundling specific coverages together. You can opt to simply include general liability and building/contents property coverage. Or, we can include other policies such as commercial auto insurance, inland marine, equipment breakdown, crime, business income with extra expense and others. Some policies, such as workers’ compensation, fiduciary liability, and professional liability, are written independently from a commercial package policy.We will discuss each option with you when reviewing your risk profile and assessing your operational exposures. Our staff will also discuss what additional coverages or policies are needed to address all your business insurance needs.
  • General Liability Insurance

    Risk is an inherent part of running a business and moving it profitably forward, whether it’s to expand by opening another location, adding more staff, or developing new products and services. With this risk comes the need to properly safeguard your assets to continue on your road to success. Our staff at David G. Sayles Insurance Services is committed to helping companies like yours protect the value of your business with insurance protection designed to address complex and diverse liability exposures.Our general liability insurance policy, of course, will provide coverage in the event visitors to your business – whether you are a storefront, office or manufacturing operation – are injured on your premises or there is damage to their property. It will also provide for allegations of libel or slander for which you are legally liable.Yet, we go beyond the basic policy.
  • Property Insurance

    Our professional staff will discuss how each coverage component under your property policy will address your exposure. We will also review the replacement cost of your property to ensure adequate insurance in the event of a loss and go over any coinsurance clauses that may affect how your coverage responds. In addition, we will want to ensure that you have coverage for items like debris removal, increased cost of construction, content and improvement and better amounts.David G. Sayles Insurances Services will help you make the smart choice when it comes to your property insurance. We work with many leading insurers to provide a total property insurance solution. We can also secure coverage for harder-to-place or complex risks because of our extensive expertise and experience in insuring businesses throughout Bergen County and the surrounding areas in New Jersey.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    The hustle and bustle of New Jersey roads require strong commercial auto insurance behind the wheel for all types of businesses. Whether you have a fleet of cars, one company car or no company vehicles, your business is at risk should an accident occur while you or your employees are conducting business. Even if an employee is using his or her car to go on a sales call, make a delivery or attend a conference in downtown New York, you could be held responsible for an accident in which the employee is found at fault.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    David G. Sayles Insurance Services provides small and midsize businesses throughout New Jersey with commercial umbrella insurance that will respond in an environment where high-exposure liability claims are common and can jeopardize the financial health of an operation. The policy provides an extra layer of security, offering additional coverage for costs associated with lawsuits, legal fees and settlements.For example, let’s say you have a premises liability claim that results in a $2 million settlement. Your general liability insurance has a limit of $1 million to cover the loss. Your out-of-out-pocket costs would then be $1 million. With a $3 million commercial umbrella policy, the remaining $1 million owed on the settlement would be paid. Your assets would not be affected.
  • Workers' Compensation

    Workers’ compensation insurance, designed to provide a safety net for employees injured on the job, is a significant expense for New Jersey businesses. What’s important is having an insurance partner with access to several markets and the expertise and ability to help you drive down costs and premiums. David G. Sayles Insurance Services has the experience you need and has been insuring business throughout the Glen Rock area and surrounding communities since 1982.
  • Marine Cargo/Stock Throughput

    The Port of New York and New Jersey is the third-largest seaport in North America and the largest maritime cargo center on the East Coast. Moreover, with the expansion of the Panama Canal, the port has undergone major expenditures to accommodate larger container vessels including new Panamax vessels, hoping to see even more activity. With the tremendous volume of goods on the move, those involved in the supply management and logistics industry – from importers and exports and warehouses to manufacturers and distributors – have a lot at stake, facing complex and diverse risks that require the expertise of experienced insurance advisors in this industry.David G. Sayles Insurance Services provides this expertise and insurance solutions to logistics service providers. One such solution is marine cargo/stock throughput coverage, designed to provide “cradle to grave” insurance.
  • Professional Liability

    The threat of litigation for a company is part of doing business. Professionals are held to a level of standard of care that if not met could end up landing them in court. Leadership is at risk of lawsuits coming from investors and shareholders, disgruntled employees and other third parties claiming wrongdoing. Workplace disputes are prevalent for all size business with exposures ranging from discrimination to wrongful termination and other issues. Companies that provide benefit packages could be found in breach of their fiduciary responsibility.All of these potential require an expert hand in putting together the insurance coverages required to respond in the event of a claim. David G. Sayles Insurance Services provides a portfolio of professional liability or management liability insurance products that addresses the various exposures businesses face today.
  • Importers and Exporters

    As a gateway for importing and exporting around the world, New Jersey boasts five strategically placed Foreign Trade Zones, two international airports and ports at both ends of the State, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the third busiest port in North America. At David G. Sayles Insurance Services, our team of professionals supports this thriving industry providing importers and exporters with responsive insurance solutions.
  • Wineries & Breweries

    David G. Sayles Insurance Services provides specialty insurance products for the craft beverage industry, which includes wineries and breweries. Our experience in this niche gives us a unique understanding of your business and the diverse exposures you face. For example, if a certain wine vintage is tainted by sour grapes, an unexpected storm causes damage to your continuous still equipment, or a worker is injured while hauling boxes of bottles through a warehouse, we know how to protect you with reliable commercial insurance coverage.
  • Manufacturers

    Our disciplined approach, experience and integrity at David G. Sayles Insurance Services throughout the years have manufacturers in New Jersey counting on us for their insurance program. We offer tailored programs for manufacturers in apparel, electronics, food, glass, paper products/packaging, plastics, and rubber – to name a few. We have access to programs for a wide range of shops – from start-ups to companies with difficult product liability risks.
  • Non-Profits

    From community action agencies to charter schools and religious entities to charities, clubs and societies, each non-profit organization is in unique. Whether you work with vulnerable populations, depend on volunteers, hold fundraising events, are responsible for children, transport the elderly, employ social workers, or other activities, your insurance needs are specific to your operations. At David G. Sayles Insurance Services, we understand this and provide tailored insurance coverage to address your operation and unique exposures.We also understand that as a non-profit, you operate on small or restricted budgets and require stable, affording insurance pricing. We work with several leading financially sound insurers enabling us to provide you with choice and competitive rates.

David G Sayles Insurance Services

As a trusted insurance provider for individuals and business owners in the Glen Rock region and surrounding communities since 1981, David G. Sayles Insurance Services is committed to providing outstanding service and selection. With our experienced team and our vast array of insurance solutions, we are able to provide our clients with tailored insurance programs designed specifically to address their needs perfectly. Located in Glen Rock, New Jersey and serving clients in Paramus, Ridgewood, Alpine, and the entire Bergen County area, David Sayles Insurance Services is known for its integrity and trust.

Personal and Business Insurance Solutions

As an independent insurance agency, David Sayles Insurance Services works with selected insurance leaders, both nationally and on the regional level, to bring our clients the very best in insurance products at competitive rates. We have a broad selection of insurance products designed to protect assets from loss for individuals and business owners alike.

David Sayles Insurance Services has worked with homeowners, drivers, and many other individuals over our 35+ years in business. When you wish to protect your home, your car, or your weekend toys, our team can help. Our personal insurance solutions include:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Flood and Earthquake Insurance
  • Automobile and Collector Car Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Off-road/RV/Boating Insurance

Business owners in our service region know that our agency is the trusted choice when it comes to providing comprehensive insurance protection. Our dedicated professionals have the experience and skill needed to help clients find the right insurance coverage at the right price. Our business insurance solutions include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Package Policies

Protecting Products from Start to Finish

Located near some of the busiest maritime gateways in North America, David G. Sayles Insurance Services has gained valuable knowledge in many aspects of global business operations. There are numerous Foreign Trade Zones, commercial shipping ports, and international airports in the New Jersey/New York region, and together, these facilities are responsible for billions of dollars in consumer goods each year.

We specialize in commercial insurance solutions for several unique business risks, having worked with manufacturers, importers/exporters, wineries and breweries, non-profit organizations, and maritime cargo/throughput operations. Our experienced team of insurance agents can help you protect your business assets from expected and unforeseen risks.

Our custom-tailored insurance packages are designed to protect cargo and manufactured goods from start to finish. This protection insures goods against losses or damage in transit, even overseas, and many of our insurance packages also include optional errors and omissions coverage to help protect against the financial exposures from liability claims.

Value-Added Customer CareAt David Sayles Insurance Services, we have built our reputation on great insurance products at highly competitive prices. That’s not all we provide our customers, however; since our very beginnings in the personal and business insurance industry, we have set out to give our clients the responsive care they deserve. Our client support services are a model for the insurance industry. When you contact our payment and claim center, our team of insurance professionals gets to work processing your claim, guiding you every step of the way. We believe that with our commitment to outstanding care, we stand out in a competitive marketplace and add value to the relationships we maintain with our clients.

To learn more about our insurance products, our services, and our experience, give our team of professionals at David G. Sayles Insurance Services a call at (855) 977-1842. We are ready to help you find the right insurance for your needs at prices that meet your budget.

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